"Thanks for all the great pictures!"


Hello, I would like to thank you for all the great pictures and especially for the "males"!

Herbert Saurugg


Because they match my theme on the website super well. I find all the pictures of you very successful with these people.

I have integrated it under my category animal care on my homepage.

Very nice.


"Happy greetings!"


The images are used in a blog post about teamwork. If you like to look - Here is the link:

Happy greetings to Dortmund

Cassandra Gag

"Thank you very much for the great pictures!"


Thank you very much for the great pictures, especially the manifold figures I like and they will soon be on my website in large numbers.

best regards

Bettina Kalandra

"Always an eye-catcher"


Dear Peggy, dear Marco, the 3DMännchen are so adorable and always fit. I like to use them in social media to make posts more interesting or to put a smile on a friend's face. The 3DMan is always an eye-catcher and unique. At presentations he surprises in the right places and keeps the mood high. I thank you for this wonderful creation and wish you and the 3DMan every success.

I love 3 DMännchen so much, because they fit positively, friendly and to every situation

Kornelia Künzel

"I'm totally thrilled!"


Hello, Peggy and Marco! I am totally enthusiastic about your pictures and in the course of my studies especially the white males help me a lot. I'M TOTALLY INTO HER! Thank you for making so many beautiful photos and pictures available. My presentations look much nicer with it 🙂 lg Sabine from Vienna

Sabine Angelo

"Friendly, worth living and meaningful!"


The pictures are optimistic and versatile. They enrich any website, course or presentation!

I love the pictures because they are so friendly, worth living and meaningful.

Martin S. Russig

"The 3D males reflect every situation."


I would like to use the pictures for my Facebook page, for small posts or tips of the day. But they are ideal, funny and bring exactly to the point what I want to express with the respective post. Many thanks for the great pictures!

I love the 3D guys so much because they're funny and can reflect exactly the situation you want to describe.



The pictures are qualitative, very descriptive and extremely cheap. I also like the open license form CC0.

First and foremost, the images are used on our blogs.

So far there have only been positive opinions about our pictures.


"The men are a wonderful way to transport emotions and situations."


Hey, pictures are in my opinion the simplest form of communication. With pictures it is possible to transport many emotions and situations than with language itself. On the one hand I thought it was great that you made the pictures with the 3 D males available for free, on the other hand, since I work a lot with Powerpoint and Visio and also like to be creative, I know how difficult it is to develop pictures in this quality, form and language. And that I found had to be rewarded with a "coffee" 😉

They are simply enchanting 🙂


"For many occasions and life situations."


I find exactly the right 3D males for many occasions and life situations. I use them for presentations, meditations, retreats in everyday life, church news.

...because they often "hit the nail on the head" without words.

Annette Brautmeier

"cuddly and expressive."


I have saved all your males on my record and will probably use them as a kind of mascot in our flyers and EPaper catalogs when I can finally create PDF nice and good. Exactly what I was looking for and therefore I donated a lot of money to whom I will probably only use it in months.

I love the 3D males so much because they are simply cuddly and expressive and fit into many situations / products purely

Horst Engels

"The right whistle for my websites and blog posts"


Dear Peggy, Dear Marco, the 3D men are simply great and give many of my websites and blog posts the right kick, so that at first glance they appeal to the emotions.

I love the 3D men so much because I get a uniform visual appearance through their diversity, but can still express many different things. It is fascinating how they can express the many different emotions and situations without a face.

Gudrun Dara Müller

"Design for T-shirts"


They are simply cute and attractively designed. I use them mainly as design for T-shirts.

They are well suited to any occasion, and the motifs are so beautifully made.

Manuela Pulfer

"Thanks for your great pictures."


Hello Peggy, Hello Marco,
Thanks for your great pictures. The males are great and above all there is one for every occasion! Use them with pleasure! Keep it up, I'm very happy, you're great!

Michael Lüdemann

"My personal little white heroes!"


On my websites you can find the little white 3D males everywhere! And why is that? Because they're just HAMMERS!

I discovered the little white people sometime last year and immediately fell in love with them. I find them super likeable and that has remained so until today. They've got everything: they're brave, cheeky, daring. They're always in a good mood no matter what. They simply reflect every possible situation and every possible emotion, even though they have no face. It's just incredible.

They're my personal little white heroes!

Video of the Testimonial!

Susanne Fritz

"Yes, I love the three D males."


Yes, I love the 3 D males because they are so lively and give my webinars added value. The images have a soul and emotions

Yes, I love the 3 D males because they are so lively and give my webinars an added value.

nicola katharina dr. leffers

"You're great!"


Dear Peggy, dear Marco.
Thanks for your great pictures. The males are great.
You will get special attention in my webinars. Keep it up.
You guys are great!

Volker Pukrop

"Quality Management (including PowerPoint Presentations)"


The 3Dmen are very versatile. I use them mainly in quality management (e.g. for PowerPoint presentations).

...because their design allows them to be integrated into the most diverse (both private and business) presentations!

Uwe Jendrollik

"I love these 3D men so much!"


I just love this idea and I use it not only for the website but also for our announcement posters.

I love these 3D males so much because they're just expressive and really great made.

Josef Hofmarcher

"a refreshing enrichment from the beginning."


Dear Peggy, dear Marco.
Many, many thanks for the great pictures.
They are a refreshing enrichment for our portal right from the start.

Best regards Johanna

Johanna Fleischmann

"Great Team = Great Pictures"


The writing room speech-text biography T.Köllner, says: Thank you!
To the point, without unnecessary bells and whistles, graphically handy and finely contoured.

Thank you for your wonderful pictures, which inspire us privately, our web customers and the social media again and again.
Whether in the name of freedom or on the homepage: Your graphics are always a fine accent that draws attention.

Thank you very much for your graphics!
With kind regards
Writing room Speech-text biography Tay Köllner

Tay Köllner

"I just love the pictures."


I think the pictures are simply great, i.e. they can be used perfectly e.g. in internal training presentations.

...they look so graceful, they transport the messages super without being obtrusive.

Raimund Matosic



The pictures are very beautiful, simple and meaningful, respect!
I wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for the future.

Johannes Sandkamp

"The pictures are just awesome."


The pictures are simply great and represent every possible situation. I use the pictures for presentations at school and so they always become a hit in front of my classmates. It relaxes the mood and you can present things or processes very well and easily understandable.

and become the star of the class. Even the teachers are impressed.

Sonja Frick