Design (online) postcards yourself and send them offline to friends & family

Christmas greetings, holiday posting & whatsapp news are of no use to you if the people you really love can't see them. Especially older people are happy about the good old postcard a thousand times more than about an Instagram Post.

Most of my friends say the following: But it is always so cumbersome and complicated to buy postcards, to write them, to get the right stamps, to stick on them (does not taste good) and finally to send them. Often the cards don't even arrive because the stamps happen to be very valuable in the country I want to send them from, and the employees at the post office simply take them off again and let the cards disappear.

I usually answer with that: Uses the modern infrastructures of the printing industry in combination with an App. Send your postcards through an online service such as and your grandparents will thank you for it.

In this video (see above) I will show you step by step how you can design and send such online offline postcards.

Viel Spaß